Background information
First Seen "House of Bloo's"
Voice Keith Ferguson
Honors and awards
Personal information
Full name Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Kazoo
Other names *Orlando Bloo
  • Bob Q. Kazoo
  • Blonan The Barbarian
  • The Blooinator
  • Master Blooregard
Personality Selfish, Clever, Maniac, Know-It-All
Appearance Cyan-Blue Blob
Birthday May 13 (Age 5 series; 11 actually)
Occupation *Imaginary Friend
  • Owner of Foster Home (former)
Home 1123 Wilson Way, Michigan
Relatives Mac (Creator/Best Friend)
Allies Mac, Coco, Eduardo, Wilt, Frankie (sometimes)
Enemies Frankie (mostly), Mr. Herriman (sometimes)
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Likes Paddleball, Video Games, Tv, Being right
Dislikes Bedtime, "Broken" paddleballs, Getting in trouble, Herriman's rules
Powers and Abilities *Spineless (can move with ease)
Blooergard Q. Kazoo (better known by his nickname Bloo) is the main protagonist and antagonist of the Cartoon Network series Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends.

Story and BackgroundEdit

Bloo is a 5 year old imaginary friend created by his best friend, Mac. When Mac's mother says that he is too old to still have an imginary friend, Mac is forced to set Bloo up for adoption. Bloo then sees an ad on TV of a foster home that is for imaginary friends. He asks Mac if he could stay their so that way Bloo will have a place to stay. After going through many conflicts through out that very episode, Bloo is aloud to stay as long as Mac visits him every day after school.



In the series, Bloo is a selfish, arrogent, and pushy character. Despite him being the main protagonist of the Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, he is also the main antagonist. He is constantly causing problems which he thinks is "fun". From destroying

Criminal RecordEdit

Because Bloo happens to be the main hero and the main villian of his series, he has had numerous crimes below.

  • Destroying a Foster Home
  • Stealing from an 8 year old girl
  • Illegaly sneaking into a resturant
  • Becoming a super villian
  • Copyright Infrigment
  • Kicking 6 cops in the shin
  • Stealing
  • Grand Theft Auto
  • Stealing the foster home bus
  • Driving without a license
  • Lieing on a job application
  • Destruction of personal property
  • Destruction of public property
  • Out running a cop
  • Destroying an elementry school
  • Speeding

Other ApperancesEdit

Powerpuff Girls: DoujinshiEdit


Bloo in PPGD

Bloo appears as a minor character in the online comic Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi. Like most characters, Bloo is yet to appear mainly and only making one cameo. Mac, Frankie, Eduardo, Wilt, and Coco also appear as well.

Cartoon Network: Punch Time ExplosionEdit

Bloo appears as a playable character in CN:PTE with Mac has his partner.

Mac & Bloo
CN Punch Time Explosion M and B
  • Bio: Mac is an exceptionally bright 8 year old who can handle anything that comes his way. Which comes in handy when his imaginary best friend Bloo gets them into yet another sticky situation.
  • Skill Level: Together they fix anything. After they screw it up first.
  • Mac's Weakness: Sugar. It turns him into a total raving lunatic.
  • Bloo's Strength: Restless energy and cleverness.
  • Nicknames: Mac-Attack and Master Blooregard
  • Weapons: The deadly paddle-ball
  • Punch Time Explosion: Going medieval on you with an attack from Bloonan The Barbarian
  • Famous Last Words: "It's a hot toe-picker!"